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4 reasons Why I jumped into Digital Marketing industry

If you don’t know me , it’s not your fault. I am Ankur Kumar and since I have less traffic on this website , you don’t know who is this guy Ankur Kumar. I am founder of brands like TNP HOST ( A web hosting company ) and ShopTwiz ( A merchandise manufacturing company ) .

You get attention when you have more numbers / traffic.

I have learned a lot from my past experiences. The only difference between an entrepreneur and just another guy is the time people like me utilise to think is slightly more than any other guy doing his job. If you close your eyes and think about the world and people around you, you will find that we all are trying to compete with each other. Trying to get more attention is only possible with more traffic.

Hard work of Smart work?

Don’t get confused! There are no shortcuts. It is both you need to do to get more traffic. You should be smart enough to do hard work to get more traffic.

More the number , more is the reputation

This even applies to life of cricketer , life of film star , a manufacturers life , retailers life or any human.

We are all designed by God in such a way that we add up value to those things which gets more attention. If the number of impressions is more, gradually you will become a known personality someday.

If Netaji has less number of people in his election rally, he is likely to lose the election even if he is good Netaji as compared to others.

If it’s a school , a school with most number of number of students trying to get admission is called a popular school.

Celebrities want more attention to be called as a big star . More fans, bigger star.

More TRP on TV channels helps a TV channel get more ads.

MORE is the mantra .

So it is about numbers each and every time.

You now got the clue why I want to jump in digital marketing industry. These are the 4 reasons I jumped in digital marketing.

  1. Practising Digital marketing can help me expand my existing brands.
  2. When you grow more traffic, you get attention. My brands will get the attention lowering the cost of advertisement for my brand promotion.
  3. I can utilize free time and I will always have a job to do.
  4. I will have to put up less effort to gain more clients for my future enterprises.

Thats all for the day. This was my second blog.

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