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Beginners Guide to grow your business online

Beginners Guide to Grow your Business online

You came to this page because you are looking to grow your business online. This article is going to be a long read for you but it is worth to read and follow my guide. I have tried to cover most of the points in this article from my past experience of 10 years of growing my own business online.

Launch your products in existing marketplaces

If you are a manufacturer, whole seller or dealer of the product, the very first thing you should do is to launch your products in online marketplaces. There are many online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy etc.

Even if you miss below points and follow this point only, there is a chance that you will gain a lot of revenue and orders of your products if you are selling your products online.

To start selling on amazon click : . It will take not more then 2 minutes to start selling online.

Make a website for your business

Make a website for your business. A website is like your 24 x 7 hour employee. A website provides you online presence. If you are reading this, it is only because I had a website so that I can engage with you. A website merely cost less than 30 USD per year or 2000 Rs per year with companies like TNP HOST.

Advertise and Advertise

I have written advertise two times above to make sure you consider this step is very important to grow your business online. Even if you have a website and if you don’t advertise, you are actually missing a lot of customers which you could have accumulated. There are various methods and platform where you can advertise your website.

You can advertise on Google and its network through Google Ads. It was previously known as Google Adwords.

You can also advertise on Facebook through Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc. To know which advertising platform is right for you, go to the bottom of this article and comment your Business type and I will be your mentor and help you free of cost so that you know which platform is more relevant.

Re-marketing and re-targeting

Re-targeting and re-marketing mean re-engaging your current visitors on your website so that they come back to your website even after they leave your website today. An average person spends very less time on a website and most of the time it is almost a few seconds and a user decides to quit watching your website content. This visitor could be your potential customer. For such visitors we use re-targeting ads on your website.

Facebook uses Facebook pixel on your website. If you are using WordPress as your website software, you can use the Official Facebook Pixel plugin by Facebook to add pixels to your website. For Google re-marketing, I will recommend using Woo Dynamic remarketing Plugin for WordPress website. For a generic website, google provide integration code for remarketing.

I will cover re-targeting and re-marketing in a separate article since this is very extensive topic.

Start an affiliate program

You will not turn up website visitors to speak for you if they don’t gain anything. Yes, quality for service or product matters but believe that your customers don’t care. They will never say a word to recommend your product until and unless you reward them for doing this. So the solution for this is an affiliate program. I won’t recommend a good affiliate software since there are many. You can use any of them and let your existing customer know every month that they can earn something by simply referring your product.

Increase Facebook followers

You can not ditch Facebook since it has a lot of traffic. To increase Facebook followers

  • Start with inviting your friends to your Facebook page.
  • Pay Facebook to gain more followers for your page using Facebook ads.
  • Add Facebook like widget in your website
  • If you create videos too, you can ask everyone to like your Facebook page.
  • Post at least 1 post a day daily on your Facebook page.

Like my Facebook page if you are still reading this article.

Provide live support to your customers

Live support let your users know that there are actually people involved behind the scene and your website is active. Live support helps your website gain trust of your customers. Just in case a user visits your website, live support helps them with immediate interaction.

Do you know you can integrate your Facebook chat as live chat software? This helps you keep a track of users chats without using any premium software. You can obviously use paid software like Zendesk too for live chat

Be always available on WhatsApp for Business

Whatsapp is no more a personal chat platform. Your business must have a WhatsApp for a business account. Let your visitors know your WhatsApp Business number.

Make a diary and write to-do list daily

An alternative to making a diary (since keeping it so complicated) is Google Keep. You can install Google Keep App from google play store and the web version is also available. You can create a to-do list on this app. The best advantage of this app is that your notes are available both on your cell phone as well as your desktop in your Gmail account.

Create content daily.

You are reading this article because I want to engage as many visitors as I can making sure the quality of content is useful for my website visitors. For this, I have written this article. I keep posting such articles daily on one or the other website I have on my network. Creating content daily lets you gain more website visitors.

Grow your email subscribers

You can use MailChimp or SendGrid or any alternative email service, provider. Don’t spam your users. Users will hate you if you are going to spam their inbox. Take consent from your users to join your mailing list. Send them daily, weekly or monthly emails about your product or services.

If you think I missed some point, i am available for suggestions in comment section.

– Ankur Kumar

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